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People are recognizing the importance of keeping their own chickens in urban, suburban and rural areas. If your state allows chicken rearing in the city, then you have permission to raise a few hens in your backyard. Note that roosters are not allowed in most states because of their howling behavior.
It does not matter whether you want chickens for egg or meat production. All of them must live safely in a properly designed coop. It is also important to consider a run just outside the bird house. This is where your chickens will feed and socialize. Chicken coops feature different sizes and designs too.

Chicken coop plans - we offer you different Chicken coop designs

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We can show you our top-rated chicken coop designs right here on Our coop layouts demonstrate creative architectural expertise. All you have to do is look through our product page. If you spot a great plan, we will proceed from there. We prepare these layouts for the person who wants to build their chicken pen. Our chicken coop plans will not only include instructional guides but will also recommend the best building materials and tools. A simple house can be built with tools like the hammer, screw driver, handsaw, table saw and drill.

Chicken house - types of hen house designs

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Like we stated above, those of you who wish to build a chicken house from scratch will benefit a lot from us. We will share just a few designs that we think are fantastic on this page. The Tinker Toy Coop is a striking structure.
We love it because some of its models are portable and mobile. It consists of a PVC pipe that’s normally used in the sprinkler system. We certainly feel that this is the simplest design for a DIY task. The doghouse hen house is a common one. We think that you can change your doghouse into a chicken pen if you have one lying around.
But if you do not, you can obtain a cheap doghouse from a hardware store; alter it according to our simple guide and start using it. A timber doghouse will definitely be easy to alter. The chicken shack model is tiny with more of a rural appearance. Boasting a less bulky build, this chicken housing is stationary.
It is constructed with readily available materials and looks great in a fixed location. The tiny A-Frame structure is simple to construct as well. It has a compact cabin-like design. We can give a step by step guide on this one too. This is truly the most appropriate for an aspiring city chicken farmer. We cannot fail to mention the barn style mansion for chickens. This one is not easy to build.
It is not for novice builders who have enough space, woodworking skills and time. We love it and your hens will love it as well. Deluxe mobile home models for hens are perhaps the easiest to manage and clean. As the name suggest this type of a house is classy and ideal for urban residential areas.
It certainly has wheels for easier movement. The guest house style is ideal for those of you who intend to keep up to eight birds. It is raised about six feet high and is really spacious.

Chicken tractor plans

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Have you ever seen a chicken tractor? Alternatively called an ark, this coop is a movable structure without a floor. It is suitable even for chickens, ducks, turkey and other kinds of birds. Because it needs to be dragged around, most tractors are light-weight buildings with the A-frame architectural design.
This kind of a plan would be suitable to people who have time to graze their flocks across the yard. Having a tractor is obviously advantageous because it can let your chickens eat fresh grass, insects and weeds. This way you will reduce the cost of chicken feed. Another benefit is that this kind of housing does not need cleaning.

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The manure is left on the spot the chickens are foraging ensuring natural fertilizer for your lawn or garden. Because your chickens will not be caged in one place for extended periods, they will constantly get fresh air, sunlight, exercise and fresh food. Then they will be very productive than chicken farms’ birds will ever be.
Here we offer chicken tractor plans to save your time and money. Our instructional guides, including eBooks, will help you design your own tractors that will suit the number of birds you want to have. Our guide will list down the materials you will need along with the costs. It will as well contain colored photographs, diagrams and 2D and 3D drafts of every segment.

How to build a chicken coop: chicken coop ideas

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Have you decided to design your own coop or tractor? We are standing by you! We will show you how to build a chicken coop on this site. As we mentioned above, we have different types of coop designs. So we will not give you a step by step guide on how to build different types of houses on this page.
Instead we invite you to look through pages for more information. Our chicken coop ideas will definitely captivate you. We have discussed different issues with regard to chicken houses including building, cleaning, space for each chicken, nesting boxes, feeders, waterers, roosts and other things.

Chicken coop kits

Our coop kits are going to be very significant in your urban chicken farming business. We are aware of many internet hatcheries that sell kits to city chicken farmers. Here we have some of the best picks whether you want stationary or portable chicken coop kits. Our kits are safe, easily adaptable and affordable. We have many former customers who are so happy with our chicken pen kits. They did not know it was so easy for them to raise backyard chickens in the city until they found our site. If you need assistance, feel free to call us (phone number) today.

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